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July 2019

Volume 2 of the Outsiders' Guide series is published.



March 2019

And it gets even better. The DoD has now released, through the To the Stars Academy three separate sets of evidence of US Navy pilots encountering the weirdest of objects. In the case of the most recent - between F-18s and UFOs off the eastern seaboard, an object flew between two high speed F-18s. Another was seen on the pilot's sensors but could not be seen visually.



December 2018

What a year! Volume 1 going very well, over sixty interviews in the US and UK, and then the Department of Defense releases the Tic Tac evidence. In years to come your grandchildren may well ask what you were doing when that evidence hit the newstands. It marks a sea-change in UFO studies.



June 2018

In May and June I did Coast to Coast AM and the Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, and then Open Minds with Alejandro Rojas - winding up with the See No, Hear No, Speak No podcast with Jason Rambeau and Chris Barrios. My grateful thanks to all those great hosts for haing me on their shows. The UFO news just keeps flowing in - keep an eye on my Facebook page for the very latest.

And there's a Reddit AMA coming up!


April 2018

It’s been a busy few weeks. After a US launch towards the end of March there was a steady stream of interview requests from radio stations all over the US – from Texas to Maine and California to New York.

The hosts and presenters were great and I’d like to thank them all very much for having me on their shows.

Twenty interviews in six weeks including such highlights as Mark Cope in Texas, Chad Benson in California, David Leonard in South Dakota, the Janice and Cory Show in Vancouver, and the Steph & Dom Show on TalkradioUK.

Recently I was privileged to do a three-hour slot with Richard Syrett on his great Coast to Coast AM show and another hour with him on his Conspiracy Show out of Toronto. They were both great sessions and I particularly loved the people who phoned in to the former




I look forward to hearing from you.



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