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"Readers interested in UFOs, whether unfamiliar with the subject or well steeped in existing literature, should find The Outsider's Guide to UFOs an informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining read."

"… a well-written and thorough review of historical as well as current research into aerial phenomena."


"A compelling and pretty comprehensive tour through the fascinating complexity that is the UFO story."


I was born in England back when the most sophisticated technology was a valve-based, ten-inch, grey and grey TV, when few people had a telephone in their home and when the hottest news was when rationing of food, gas, and clothes might end.

I grew up to the sounds of Buddy Holly, Connie Francis, Chuck Berry, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones (in fact I was at one of the latter’s very early gigs near London back in the sixties).

My post-school education was mainly at the Universities of York and Cambridge with short stints at Trinity College, Hartford, Ct., and the London School of Economics. I’ve worked in the aerospace industry, in advertising and in education but my main professional love is research.

Over the years I’ve written or contributed to around a dozen books and delivered so many lengthy reports I’ve lost count.

Where UFOs are concerned I am a fascinated agnostic and a firm believer in high quality, sustained research.

I live with my long-suffering wife in the beautiful Dales of Yorkshire where we get visited regularly  by our daughters and a grand-daughter.



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"Level headed, light-heartedly lucid writing, and engaging storytelling."

"… a lively, wide-ranging exploration of UFO history and events as well as a thoughtful analysis of the field."

"… a terrific book on the subject of UFOs from an objective outsider’s perspective."


"... an experienced and highly professional researcher who thinks laterally and constructively about a very difficult subject."

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